Developmental Compostable Water-Based Heat-Seal Coating/Primer

MICA MC-634 is an aqueous emulsion that passes the ASTM D6400 standard for compostability. It is designed to function as a sealing layer or adhesion promoter applied to paperboard substrates for adhesion to PLA and PHA resins and films. It may also find use as a primer applied to paper, and bio-based metalized and non-metalized films, for adhesion of PLA and PHA extrudates.


Film Yes
Vac-Met Yes
Inks No
Alu Yes
Paper Yes
Bio-Based Yes
Type Aqueous Emulsion
Solids ~30
Appearance Milky White
pH at 25°C ~5.5
Viscosity at 25°C ~355 centipoise
FDA Status Limited
Commercial or Developmental Developmental