Mica Corporation's Response to COVID-19


Dear Valued Stakeholder,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate, we wanted to make you aware of the procedures and policies we have in place to help minimize the risk of impacts that may occur due to this outbreak.

  • We have curtailed all unnecessary business travel until further notice.
  • We have asked all employees to self-quarantine upon a known exposure or onset of symptoms.
  • We have asked all employees who are capable of working remotely to use telecommuting resources to stay in touch with key business contacts.
  • We are encouraging good hand hygiene and as much physical distancing as possible for employees who cannot work remotely, such as our production staff.
  • We are utilizing video conferencing software to replace in-person meetings. 
  • Our supply chain is geographically diverse with at least one month's stock of our products ready to ship. As for our products themselves, there is no risk of disease transmittal. They are antiviral in nature and have not been handled by human hands.

We, our customers, and the entire supply chain which connects us are essential businesses. While taking unprecedented measures to protect ourselves, we are operating at full capacity to meet demand. We are doing our part to continue to supply product without interruptions, and we expect no negative effect on our supply chain at this time. As we continue to closely monitor the situation, we will take appropriate actions to continue to ensure the health and safety of our employees, the integrity of our products, and our mutual business interests. We will update our contingency plan as necessary to continue to comply with all governmental guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Jeffrey Siegel
Mica Corporation
(203) 922-8888

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