Mica Corporation Generates Buzz in Global Paper and Packaging Industry


Shelton, CT-- Mica Corporation, a leading manufacturer of water-based primers and coatings for the global flexible converting industry, has officially launched MICA MC-634, an adhesion promoter that passes the ASTM D6400 for compostability, as well as the Biodegradable Product Institute’s PFAS fluorine analysis as a standalone product.

Most traditionally used adhesion promoters, primers, and coatings do not completely biodegrade in municipal and industrial composting facilities. MICA MC-634 can. This innovative new product can help the paper and packaging industry achieve its ambitious goals to create more sustainable food and beverage packaging while simultaneously helping to solve a waste problem that has been negatively impacting the environment for decades.

On Thursday, June 25th, Mica Corporation hosted a well-attended webinar introducing MICA MC-634. Participants from 28 different countries registered to watch Darrell Landry, one of Mica’s technical sales representatives who has more than 35 years of experience in the paper and packaging industry, discuss all the benefits of using MICA MC-634 to create commercially compostable hot cups.  

According to a recent study, MICA MC-634 performs as well as, or better than, traditionally used adhesion promoters as a sealing layer for PLA and PHA hot cup applications in certain conditions. It has also been proven to reduce the number of flagger defects that occur in hot cup rims when the cup-making machine is moving so quickly that it cannot form properly without an adhesion promoter.

MICA MC-634 also does not yellow, making it an ideal candidate for hot cups and other applications that are typically flood coated. In many cases, MICA MC-634 can be a direct replacement for traditional primers and coatings used in cup-making and can be applied with the same equipment with only minor adjustments. As with all MICA products, MICA MC-634 is water-based, has no VOC’s, is supplied in a variety of container types, and comes with unmatched customer and technical service to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Although it was designed to primarily be used as a sealing layer in PLA and PHA hot cup applications, Mica and its development partners continue to discover new uses and applications where MICA MC-634 can be successful. 

If you are interested in learning more about MICA MC-634, would like to learn how it might work in other applications, or want to see a replay of the webinar, please contact Mica Corporation.

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