3 Reasons Water-Based Primers are the Best Choice to Create Sustainable Packages


Many flexible packaging converters are looking for ways to provide environmentally-friendly packaging solutions to their customers while simultaneously creating safer work environments. Primers are an integral part of the converting process, as they act as the glue that holds multiple layers of a package together, but what specifically makes water-based primers the optimal solution for achieving goals of sustainability in your workplace and your finished structure?

1. Water-Based Primers are Non-Hazardous (for you and the environment)

Water-based primers have no VOC’S and are allergen-free, allowing for a safer work environment and an environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent-based primers, which require extensive air filtration systems to minimize the VOC’s escaping to our atmosphere. 

2. Water-Based Primers are Used in the Manufacture of Packages That Aid in Waste Reduction 

Water-based primers are often used to create thin-film, lightweight, and low-volume packaging that help minimize post-consumer waste and provide superior product protection for a longer shelf-life, thus also limiting food waste.

3. Water-based Primers can be Used with Bioengineered Substrates & Extrudates

Many packaging converters are taking recyclability and sustainability in packaging to the next level by choosing more eco-conscious alternatives to virgin plastic films and resins to further minimize waste that ends up in landfills. Water-based primers can provide adhesion to a variety of bioengineered resins and plant-based materials without compromising the sustainable integrity of the package.

Thinking of switching to a water-based system? Contact us today to learn about all the benefits of using water-based primers and coatings. 

About Mica Corporation:

Mica Corporation manufactures and globally supplies water-based, environmentally-responsible products that offer adhesion or other properties to plastic, metal, and paper surfaces in continuous web applications.

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